Out of Measure Doors

The production of wooden doors out of the usual measures is a growing need in the construction and decoration industry. Many homes and businesses have door openings that exceed standard sizes, which requires customized doors that can reach up to 2.8×2 meters in the case of those that we manufacture on demand at Aplitecnid Design.

In response to this need, wood door manufacturers have developed specialized techniques and materials to create bespoke doors that meet specific customer requirements. More and more interior design and decoration offices and even creative architecture studios opt for making unusual the elements that are common and bland in other developments. Larger, more comfortable, wider doors with more available light are also an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Finsa GreenPanel

One of the most popular options for the production of custom-made doors is the use of Finsa’s Green Panel board. This wood material is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, making it ideal for use on doors. In addition, its smooth and uniform surface provides an ideal base for lacquering, ensuring a high quality finish.

When producing bespoke wooden doors, it is important to note that certain procedures must be followed to ensure that the door is of the highest possible quality. First, the space where the door will be placed must be accurately measured. Next, the type of wood and the desired finish must be chosen. Once the material and finish have been selected, the wood is cut to size and the door is shaped. Finally, the lacquered finish is applied.

The oversize door manufacturing process

It is important to note that the production of custom wooden doors is a process that requires skill and experience to ensure that the door is safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, it is advisable to work with an experienced wood door manufacturer with a proven track record of producing high quality custom doors.

In summary, the production of custom wooden doors is an effective solution for those homes and businesses that require door sizes outside of the usual standards. By using high-quality materials such as Finsa Green Panel and working with experienced wooden door manufacturers, you can ensure that your custom door is safe, durable and aesthetically appealing.